Current price on gasoil in Denmark is: (take care, here it comes)
DKK 12.13 / liter or 8.84 USD pr gallon
My car runs 9 km pr liter, or 21.2 miles on a gallon
I wonder what the price will be in a year from now. DKK 15 ???
Just to let you know.

Oversætter | Translator

I dag vil jeg prøve at anvende denne automatiske oversætter.
Jeg vil benytte lejligheden til at sige tak for de positive kommentarer til mine billeder på bloggen. Både her, og dem på min e-mail.
Denne oversættelse ser for mig ud til at fungere tilfredsstillende. Oven i købet kan jeg også høre udtalen.
Prøv at brug den, der er mange muligheder.

Today I will try to use this automatic translator.
I take this opportunity to say thanks for the positive comments for my pictures on the blog. Both here and those on my e-mail.
This translation seems to me to function satisfactorily. On top of that, I can also hear the pronunciation. Try to use it, there are many possibilities.

Godt gået Danmark | Well done Denmark

Saturday there was a nation-wide collect in Denmark. The aim was originally to  rise funds for supporting women in Africa. But the earthquake in Haiti called for acute action and made the funds divided equally for the two purposes.
The sum collected was 130,662,190 DKK or 24,415,537  U.S. dollars.
There are roughly 5.5 Million people in Denmark.
Now I hope that the money will go to the people in need, and not just dissapear in corruption.