Frederiksborg slotskirke | The church in Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Slot blev opført i 1560 og gennemgående ændret under Chr. IV i perioden 1600 til 1620.
Klik på billedet for at se den ubeskårne version.

Frederiksborg Castle was founded in 1560 but changed radically in 1600..1620.
The church is still in use, but the castle houses no king these days. It is open to the public as a museum. It is very interesting and beautiful. You must go there if you come to the northern part of Sealand. The castle is located in Hillerød 40 km north of Copenhagen. Hillerød hosts the administration of the Capital Region of Denmark. The administration is not in Copenhagen.
I have cropped the image. This is the result after several trials. Click on the image to see the uncropped version.


6 tanker om “Frederiksborg slotskirke | The church in Frederiksborg Castle”

  1. when opening the large version of this photograph it felt like i could walk down the aisle to the altar. beautiful photo!

  2. This photo is breathtaking. The opulence presented in this church truly befits royalty of the highest order. So many churches of ages past are dark, but this one is radiant with light.

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