19 tanker om “Aww Nuts!”

  1. Your photo is very sharp. Where did you get the little nuts? I used to work in a company that sold nuts, bolts and screws wholesale, and there were a lot of nuts.

  2. Thanks for commenting Ann.
    The little nuts are M3 – 5.5 mm. They are more common than the others, which were the largest I could find.

  3. You had the same idea I did! Then again the only other nuts I have are the erm fuzzy furry critter kind…And I didn’t want to offend anyone.

  4. Thanks to all for commenting on my post. Browsing your blogs opens a new world to me. I have learnt a little about life in the countryside. And I have seen a lot of nice pictures of horses and cattle.

  5. Perfect still life photo. Every side of every nut is crisp and clear. I like the subtle shadows, too.

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