6 tanker om “December VII”

  1. This plant does throw out a bloom at strange times doesn’t it. I love it with it’s always green branches. You captured this at a very nice angle to show off it’s simple yet complex blossom!

  2. Thanks Dana. This flower will not participate in the reproduction. Well – the summer flowers doesn’t either.
    Do you have a name for it in english?
    It was a bit of a challenge. Almost no light and a little wind. This shot was least blurry.

  3. that’s a nice find at this time of the year. good to see such beautiful colors between the grey. but on the other hand it makes me wonder if this is natural or due to the climate change. the world is watching you in denmark these days!

  4. Thanks Wiebke. I think there is a possibility that it could be due to normal variation. On the other hand, it is a fact that the temperature in Denmark has increased slowly during the latest years, this autumn being the 9th warmest since systematic measurements started in 1874.
    This in mind I certainly hope the COP-15 will end up with agreements on actions that will ensure safety for people living in threatened areas of the world.

    When I click on your link, it just shows: “It works!”

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