2 x 1. | Twice 1st.

This concludes the posts on prizes for now. I was so lucky to take first place in both categories B&W and Color.
I was particularly glad because I know that the judge? Michael Rønsdorf, is very skilled in graphics and a good photographer himself.
You can see a few of his works

Dette er så det sidste indlæg om placeringer for denne gang. Jeg var så heldig at få førstepladsen i både kategori sort/hvid og farve.
Især glædede det mig at billederne belv bedømt af en dygtig grafiker og fotograf: Michael Rønsdorf. Se lidt af hans billeder

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    1. I’m glad you like the B&W. While my wife was shopping in the Guggenheim museum in N.Y. I was looking up. These images kept me from the temptations of buying unnecessary things.
      The second image is the result of an experiment. I shot a series of images hand held in the same spot. In PS I arranged them in a stack and set stack mode to standard deviation. Inverted the image and adjusted levels. Everything common in the images is white but since it is hand held, the edges show up. The moving cars and people are ‘clearly’ visible. If you asked about the technique – that’s it!

  1. Congrats Carsten! Well done on both accounts! Your photographic eye has quite a range as these two images couldn’t be more different. That’s talent! 🙂

  2. Tracey and Michael, thanks for your comments.
    I’m aware that only few people like the image with the cars. Luckily enough, the judge was one of them.
    Is judge the correct word in this context?

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