Februar | February 14th.

MÃ¥ Valentinsdag give dig mange hilsner.
Her er een fra mig til dig.

May Valentines day bring you greetings with love.
This is from me to you.

Stenhårde hjerte.

Heart as stone!
I found this rock-solid heart sign on the eastern part of the island “Christiansø” in the end of July.
Christiansø itself  is the most eastern island of Denmark.

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  1. It looks like someone rolled out a cookie, shaped it into a heart, sprinkled it with red sugar, and left it on the rock to bake. Romantic sprites, perhaps?

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

  2. Now that’s a real heart of stone!! Very interesting, and a great catch. 🙂

  3. A very cool find indeed. I’m half-debating whether selective desaturation would’ve added (by bringing it out), or taken away (making it look fake).

    Just been looking through your recent posts, I like your work. Congrats on the photo comp successes.

  4. Thanks to you all for your friendly comments on this post.
    I could write something about how hard it is to get to the heart of the rock…
    But in fact it was easy. It was just there. Shining its red color directly in my eyes.
    On a day with the romantic sprites playing in the sun.

  5. What a lovely discovery, Carsten ! I wonder how long it has been there… There are some beautiful textures on those rocks. A great shot for a special day. Thank you, best wishes to you too.

    1. Thanks Isabelle.
      I had to look it up. The islands ‘Ertholmene’ where ‘Christiansø’ with only 22,3 ha is the largest, consists of granite. 1400 million years old. So that is probably the answer. 🙂
      Or perhaps it is only visible on special occasions?

  6. It’s incredible that there is a camera and an eye to capture such infrequent finds such as this. Very nice!! A late Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!

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