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  1. The ribbons of black look like Japanese characters, or like figures dashing for the morning commuter train, or like ravens fluttering in firelight . . . so naturally I would like to know, please, what are they?

    1. They are completely random.
      They are put into the glass at an early stage in the production as random very thin flat ribbons – as far as I understand!
      I saw them as that until reading your comment. Now I see the japanese characters.
      The fingerprints are: Fingerprints!
      Click on the image for a larger version.

  2. Beautiful sight ! I see it as part of a planet, with its zones of light and darkness, under the eyes (warm and comforting) of two little suns 🙂

  3. I like your blog!
    And this nice picture:
    Nice colours and patterns – and yes – Isabelle – a planet with a quivering, intense, living summerwarm evening-atmosphere…….

  4. Thanks Isabelle and Truels.
    This is one of the good sides of sharing images.
    You give a different view from what I saw originally.
    I like the planet interpretation.

  5. It is a hollow ellipsoide glass ‘art thing’, about 1½ feet high and perhaps 8 inch wide.
    Useful for nothing but looking at. But very good for that.
    I will see if I have a picture that shows what it is. Let’s see.

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