12 tanker om “Tre søstre | Three sisters”

  1. Oh, look at that little scene-stealer! It’s a wonderful photo, Carsten. I hope you’re printing it on archival paper in archival inks. I keep thinking that much of what we publish only digitally will be completely lost to another generation. I don’t waste time worrying about this–it’s just what happens. But I enjoy thinking of ways to turn very special things, like this photo, into keepsakes that might make good stories a hundred years from now . . .

    1. Mange tak Lene. De er vidunderlige, og det er rigtigt at der er een, som stjæler billedet ved hver given lejlighed. 🙂
      Hils Jens.

  2. Tender, joyful, moving, simply adorable ! Thank you so much for sharing this precious moment of family life. A wonderful image.

    1. How can I respond to your comment Isabelle?
      I’m very happy you like my family picture. -You can see how proud my son is.

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