Welcome to our world

Technical data:
Mass: 3.944 kg Length 0.53 m
This is the first image of my granddaughter. Probably not the last 🙂
…Could use more time and light. She was hiding so I had only seconds for the shot.

Sådan ser hun ud, den lille. Hun gemte sig, så der var kun et øjeblik til at tage dette billede.
Mon ikke jeg viser flere billeder senere?
Hun vejede 3944 g, og var 53 cm lang ved fødslen.

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    1. Thanks Truels.
      She is our first grandchild. And she has two lovely sisters on her mothers side. Our family is rapidly growing 🙂

  1. Oh, my… ! ! ! Here we see a complete NEW HUMAN BEEING <3
    And how SWEET she looks, Carsten ! !
    Congratulation to granmama and granpappa
    And send many 'HAPPIES' to THE FAMILY (and the little NEW girl)
    Lots of greetings from
    Michael (& Käthe)

    1. Thanks Michael.
      I’m sure the happy parents sees your greetings. -When they can take their eyes from the baby for a short moment 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Carsten! Enjoy your time with your new granddaughter and don’t feel guilty about spoiling her as much as you’d like!

  3. Welcome back Tracy.
    And thank you. I’m the grateful.

    EEh “doting” ?? Someone please give me a hint to help me understanding this.

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