More on seasons in the forest

As the previous post, this one continues from the inspiration by Scott Thomas’ post on Seasons.
Years ago – before wordpress – I wrote my site in html. One of my pages illustrated the changing times in the forest. You can have a look here.
Click on the small images to enlarge them.
If you want to comment on it, you must do it here in the wordpress environment. I did not implement that to a useable level in those days.
Have a look and feel free to write a line.

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  1. Now I’m curious about the logging. It looks so . . . tidy. We make a bit more of a mess when we thin a woodlot.

    1. In my eyes it was a mess and I was afraid ‘my’ forest was ruined. But that was in the wintertime. Now it is fine, I think.

    1. That was my thought when I saw a series of pictures of a church in Copenhagen in all sorts of weather. So I started….

  2. Excellent shots! Every single one is unique and beautiful… I love seeing all those changes happen through time, like the logs in the bottom left picture. Brilliant!

    1. I’m glad you like it.
      Th path to the right leads to my home.
      If you should find your way there, it is just a few hundred feet….

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