18 tanker om “Mother and daughter”

  1. Carsten, how wonderful it is to follow your new life as a “Farfar” – Grandfather: The photos of your son, Frida and her mother are so full of life and positive feelings, that I am starting dreams of being a “Morfar” (I have 2 daughters aged 20 and 22……..). Maybe that’s one of the reasons why my favorite is the photo of “Frida and Farfar”?
    I hope for many more captures of your “farfar-life”!

    1. Thanks Truels. I’m enjoying my new position.
      I can tell you that we have been waiting quite a while. Our son is 35!
      I have a daughter aged 25 so I also have a potential “Morfar” title.

  2. Tenderness and love, yes, the best place in the world ! Beautiful portrait, Carsten, all the more beautiful because seen through Farfar´s eyes 🙂

    1. I can only see it through my own eyes. And you’re right, in the way I see it. I’m so glad to have your words Isabelle.

  3. What a wonderful photo! Never was a baby more loved. This photo is a treasure, most of all for you, but for those of us fortunate enough to view it as well. Lovely!

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