Food Photography…

…is the theme of Scott Thomas’ 11th assignment.

The past weeks have been busy. I haven’t had time to read all my favourite blogs. And commenting: No way.
Never the less, I have become aware that Scott has set up another challenging assignment.
I have to respond to this.
Being busy also means that the kind of food prepared the latest days – since I saw Scotts blog – was not created for photography.
Fruit is among my favourite treats. This is what was left tonight for my still-leben.

I wish you all a happy new year. (Am I  late? – Well it is not the first time, and probably not the last :-))

If you don’t like apples.
….you can have a piece of a traditional Danish birthday cake:

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  1. Very happy to see you back, Carsten 🙂 I like you still life and particularly this ancient china fruit bowl. Fruits are also favourites of mine. As for the cake I would not mind having a piece of the chocolate cake, it looks soft and tasty.

    1. Thanks, it is good to be with friends, Isabelle.
      The apples are from Val Venosta in Italy, only 10 km from Schweiz.
      The bowl is for cakes. It is old Danish porcelain from a factory called Royal Copenhagen. I have asked my daughter about details, and I will update this comment if she can come up with some facts.
      The chocolate cake was very tasty.

  2. Those are very nice-looking apples. They look like Galas, which are among my favorites, and their bowl is perfectly lovely. OK, the birthday treat is calling my name, but I am determined to resist.

    1. I do not know these apples. We have very good Danish apples this time of the year. I do not know how these came into our house? They have travelled a long way. But not as far as when you get oranges from Florida.
      You’d have to keep your nose closed to resist the chocolate cake…

  3. The apples look beautiful in that pretty bowl. The cake looks soooo good! I’ll HAVE to have a piece of that, because even though I LIKE apples, I’ve developed an allergy and can’t eat them anymore.

    1. Im sorry for you Michaela. I know too well how hard it can be to manage life with allergy. It must be difficult having to being alert about your food.
      Maybe I’ll post a cake photo for you some day.

  4. Hi Carsten!
    The bowl for your apples is lovely! Would have loved to see it even more filled with apples for more impact to the picture.
    It appears there are many delicious treats on the birthday table!

    1. Hi Karen.
      I’m glad you like the bowl. Trigged by Isabellas comment I did a little investigation on the bowl. (My daughter did the most)
      The bowl was made between 1898 and 1922. There are some marks printed on the bottom of the bowl and these marks are specific for that period.
      And now to the important: Yes there were several very good cakes 🙂

  5. Thank you, Carsten, for taking the time to join in with the assignment. I know all about busy these days. Those apples look good enough to reach out and take one from my screen.

    I like the cake photo but (you knew one was coming, right?). I wish you could have taken the cake and put it all by itself so we could admire all it’s calories properly. 😀

    1. It is me, who has to thank you Scott. Your assignments are worth joining. It is always interesting to see what all our fellow bloggers come up with.
      It seems that a cake photo could might be welcomed on a post in the future.

  6. Carsten, the apples photo is beautiful. I could never get the right color when taking picture at night, any tips on this especially the white balance.

    That’s a lot of cake for a birthday. 🙂

    1. Thank you Ginger.
      In fact I had to do a little work on the white balance for this photo. As you point out, the picture was taken at night using incandescent light.
      I took an image of a piece of white paper and used this image as reference for the cameras white balance. Your camera may have that possibility.
      –Many years: Lots of cake!

      1. Thanks Carsten, I never thought to do it that way, and I’ve heard that some photographers use the sky or gray sidewalk for the cameras white balance. White paper is a good idea for indoor.

        1. Using white paper sometimes turns the images a little ‘cold’ because we expect the slight warm tone from the light bulbs. The best advice is to experiment a lot.

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