14th of February

Dear fellow bloggers
I hope you have all had a good day.

This time there’s no photo in the post. I’m fighting a five star cold, and my mood is not for posting today.
This means that most of my senses are weak so I’d better go to sleep. An exception is the loud ringing in my ears, indicating that someone might be thinking of me.

I’ll be with you later.

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  1. I am sorry that you have this bad cold, Carsten. I send you my best wishes for a fast recovery – and a lovely piece of music to speed up your recovery 😉 :

    1. Thanks Truels.
      That is an interesting and different Bach. I think some of it sounds more like Chic Corea.
      It is not to say if it helped. Maybe. Usually a cold can take a whole week. This time it was only seven days, so it might have helped a little 😉

        1. Thanks Ginger. I know that spring will come sooner or later. But there’s still snow outside.
          Of course there is no snow inside!

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