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  1. Oh wow. That is mesmerizing. It also makes a very nice fabric, but that’s another post entirely. Wow. I just keep watching it. Must. Stop. Watching.

  2. Maybe it’s just me who does not know what this is. And maybe I do not even need to know it! But anyway, you have made ​​a amazing picture show with fine dynamic transitions between all the many photos. Abstract art at a high level! I do not know if it’s true, but some of the pictures look like a filter that is filled with dust particles?
    I like this assignment!

    1. I’m glad you like it. The subject is a…
      Maybe it’s a little late. I’ll have to postpone the explanation!

    1. Thanks Scott.
      The subject is a piece of corrugated cardboard. I made a mirrored layer and blended the two layers in 25 different modes. These are the results.
      Gerrys post with also only one exposure inspired me.
      Elementary my dear W…

  3. Surprising and mesmerizing, as Gerry said. Having some interest in fabrics… I thought it was some sort of plaid you photographed on different angles. It would have been too easy, right ? I much prefer your creativity.

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