12 tanker om “Frida…”

  1. They are watching magic and learning to bend it to their will – while you are capturing the magic that will never be bent to anyone’s will. It isn’t the camera, it’s the eye and the heart–and the subjects.

    1. It is interesting to observe the girls together. Maj is a very gifted girl. She will soon be seven. Frida is 18 months and learning fast and much through her sisters.

    1. Thanks Sybil. I’m not sure what the scary part is?
      Is it that we had passed 30 years before computers became a natural part of our life?

  2. If there is anything that can catch children’s interest and concentration – it’s computer games! I speak from experience. And they learn this much easier than old fools like me 😉

  3. Non, you mean three of us 🙁 I cannot believe little Frida concentrates so deeply on the computer. But then why not ? There is sound, movement, colours, playing with all this magic is quite a discovery ! What a great moment and lovely portrait !

    1. Imagine us having access to computers, cell-phones and remote controls for almost everything. -From early childhood! It must be a very different way of learning about the world.
      Frida is 1½ years old. She grabs the cellphone, activates it and calls “someone”. She talks a language that’s as understandable to me as swahili 🙂
      If someone has left the remotecontrol for the tv where she can reach it, she turns the tv on and watches for a (short) moment.

    1. I can’t either. 19 months old, and she is talking a lot. Sometimes we can understand her words, but very often what she means.

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