About Silence

About Silence –
–a simple translation of Johannes Møllehaves poem: Om Tavshed.

The worst you can say to someone with cancer is ….NOTHING!

Is it cowardice or stupidity?
This helpless muteness.
Why close all your senses
when you mention the word cancer?

I remember all the phases,
when my mom got metastases.
“How are you, and greet your mom”.
-Click, the busy voice is gone.
There you sit alone
with noise and echoes in the phone.

First when language becomes vital
people gently turns to silence
It is evil – the silent pause,
why are you yet so silent?
For God’s sake please don’t answer:
“It is just the way it is!”
There is no more to say
Oh, how silence can be roaring

After the chemotherapy:
the same silence and concealment
Even your very best friends
are people you do not know.
Nobody comes for a visit
Do they think my pain is contagious?
Dumbness makes me embarrassed
both their and my own.

Silently times slowly progresses
during her tough and wordless suffering.
And the muteness persists
when she finally gets peace.
All hope for time to pass.
He who heals all wounds.
And then this cad comes:
‘Oh, I thought that you were over it!’
It’s just so hard to answer,
on how long a grief may be.

Haven’t we learned to speak?
Why do we then do the wrong?
Although we know what words can bring,
we stay closed and dumb.
why don’t we say a thing
when words are what we need of all.
Why do we lack resources.
Can we get them on courses?

Are you healthy, are you well?
Do you fell tolerably ok?
Then let word out of your mouths,
words, which soothes our pain,
words that show that you are there.

It’s hard to say goodbye.
But the hardest thing is silence.
Therefore whisper in our ear.
Therefore speak – while we can hear.
And I ask: Please don’t close you
and do not escape at once.
Ask yourself – why you are fleeing.
It is the SILENCE that I fear.

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