Guldsmed | Dragonfly

Summer days brings many of these elegant flyers. Direct translation of their Danish name is: “Gold Smith”, But I like the English name so much better. Dragonfly!
If any of you happen to know its name, I’d like to know.
I found a little trick for taking photos of this insect. Put a thin stick vertically in the ground and wait. They prefer sitting on or close to the top of thin vertical branches. In this case I picked a bamboo about 3/8 inch thick 4 feet long. After less than a minute this one posed for me.
The camera was on the tripod and ready to shoot with help of the IR-remote.
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14 tanker om “Guldsmed | Dragonfly”

    1. Thanks Scott.
      In fact, this was my first attempt to ‘catch’ a dragonfly this way. I’d seen them resting on straws many times and thought it might work.

  1. They do love stick, I’ve seen them perched on stick and twig numerous times before but could never get this clear of a shot.

    1. I used a tripod and put the camera on manual focus. Then it was just to press the button when the dragonfly came.

  2. “Libellule or Demoiselle”, those are the French names for this gorgeous Dragonfly. Isn’t it strange that it sounds more masculine in English and feminine in French ? In any case it is a fabulous shot of this insect.

    1. Those are fine names. And yes, it is a strange difference. The dragonflies are hungry predators in all their life – except as eggs, I persume. But the feminine name in French couldn’t have anything to do with that? 🙂

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