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Carsten 10 months
10 months

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  1. Dear Carsten, what wonderful photos! I found you via the food photography assignment thread of Scott’s. I have recently got myself a Cannon DSLR and am slowly getting to know it better.
    We like being GREEN too! and are working on eco-friendly heating system to go with our solar panels (we have 3 panels so far, saving hard for more). My dream is to one day own a zero carbon home, and incorporate as many Green living things into our lives as possible.

  2. Dear Kiwidutch, welcome to my site – which has been asleep for a while.
    I’d like to having a zero carbon home. For more reasons than the economic.
    At the moment we are using plenty of the wood from the forest instead of the fossile carbon.
    I will try to get time to read your blog. You are very productive 🙂
    Thank you very much for your comment.

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