2011 12 (08)

No inspiration – no photo.
I have an idea. Why don’t you go out and shoot a couple of photos yourself. Or find some materials and paint a nice picture. If you use the pc, you dont have to clean the brushes…

4 tanker om “2011 12 (08)”

  1. …… but this is painted with a brush, paint and canvas, right?
    …… and the artist – is it yourself?!

  2. For once you are nearly completely wrong Truels.
    As I wrote in the post, I had absolutely no inspiration. So I decided posting en empty placeholder instead of a photo. But I couldn’t even decide if it should be black or white. Instead I drew a few colored lines. That’s not art – unless someone puts a label on it 😉
    Instead of ruining canvas, paint and brushes I used Paintshop. For the first time…

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