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  1. Happy May! It’s beginning to warm up in northern Michigan, but it will be awhile before my hardwoods have leaves. Tiny ground cover plants are coming up, and this morning a doe was grazing on the hill behind my house.
    I’m headed up to Raven Hill Discovery Center to help get it ready for visitors. I hope you and yours are all well and happy.

    1. Welcome back Gerry. I hope that you’re ok up there in your late-spring region.
      Here the Danish government’s restrictions on covid-19 have been lifted, with the result that about 50% of the population has now been infected. https://covid19danmark.dk/figures/ntl_pos.png Signed included. Now we can slowly get used to the social gatherings of former times. We’ll start soon with a party that has been postponed for two years. Nice.

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