Femkløver | Five-leafed clover

Look what I found! I used to have a lucky eye when searching for four-leafed shamrocks. But I have never ever before seen one with five. Here it is:

Jeg plejer at have øje for at finde firkløver. Her fandt jeg en FEMKLØVER! -Har aldrig set det før, men her er den:


Before I brutally ripped it from the ground it had one leaf hidden behind an other:


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  1. Halla Madulla wrote a short comment: “FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!!!!!!”

    Well, if that’s your opinion Halla, I probably can’t change it. But give it a try and search on google for five leafed clover and discover that they do exist. How rare they are, I do not know. This is the only one I have seen – and I have been relatively good at finding four leafed clovers for many years…

    1. According to Irish Tradition – 5 Leaf Clovers are said to control the minds of men for all who possess them.

      It was said that leprechauns wore a 4 in their hat for good luck and kept a 5 for the purpose of trickery and deceit when dealing with humans.

  2. Did you know that 5-leafed clovers actually bring bad luck if you pick them… In order to get break the ban you have to find a 6-leafed clover (at least according to the state of the art dictonary on clover – Anders And).

    Happy hunt for the 6 leafer.

    1. Thanks you for your comment Per. You found an old post.
      Now it is so that I am not superstitious – it causes accidents!
      I’ll have to study The Anders And Dictionary in details.
      (Anders And = Donald Duck)

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