8 tanker om “En anden mÃ¥de at se pÃ¥ | Another way to look”

  1. The first thought that came into my head was “The fence isn’t high enough to keep it in!” My tendency to invest inanimate objects with powers and intentions is getting out of hand.

    The second thought was that I wish I understood Danish, because the way the title translated into English opened a number of possible interpretations. I wondered if that ambiguity existed in Danish, too. Or a different ambiguity.

    I wonder why I can’t simply look, and say “I like it!” but must bury it in a blizzard of words. I think I’m the guy in the green sweater. He’s wondering, too.

    1. I have not seen a fence lately without thinking of you Gerry.
      The words were chosen with ambiguity in mind. I wish my english were better 🙂
      The verb look can be ‘seen’ from both sides.

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