2 x 1. | Twice 1st.

This concludes the posts on prizes for now. I was so lucky to take first place in both categories B&W and Color.
I was particularly glad because I know that the judge? Michael Rønsdorf, is very skilled in graphics and a good photographer himself.
You can see a few of his works

Dette er så det sidste indlæg om placeringer for denne gang. Jeg var så heldig at få førstepladsen i både kategori sort/hvid og farve.
Især glædede det mig at billederne belv bedømt af en dygtig grafiker og fotograf: Michael Rønsdorf. Se lidt af hans billeder

Læs mere 2 x 1. | Twice 1st.

Godt gået Danmark | Well done Denmark

Saturday there was a nation-wide collect in Denmark. The aim was originally to  rise funds for supporting women in Africa. But the earthquake in Haiti called for acute action and made the funds divided equally for the two purposes.
The sum collected was 130,662,190 DKK or 24,415,537  U.S. dollars.
There are roughly 5.5 Million people in Denmark.
Now I hope that the money will go to the people in need, and not just dissapear in corruption.