Mere pral | More brag

Now I have started bragging about my placement in the photo competition, I better continue.
Actually one of my images came out as 3rd in B&W  in a local competition.
I’ll wait and show the rest later

Nu jeg er begyndt at prale, kan jeg lige så godt fortsætte.
Faktisk fik jeg også et billede på en tredjeplads i kategorien monokrom i Herlev Fotoklub.
Resten må vente til senere.

Det havde jeg aldrig forestillet mig | I’d never imagine this

I’m very greatful my friend Alexander drew my attention to this. I have been very fond of Disney since childhood. In fact, I learned reading by myself when my father read comics for us two boys. Salvador Dali became one of my favourites later.

It would be interesting to know what you think of this.