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  1. At first I thought maybe I was seeing ice or snow on the flower in the first shot, but then realized I must have been seeing pollen!

  2. Thanks Karen, Gerry and Scott.
    This was one of the first images with a new lens. it is a 100 mm f/1.8 Macro lens. All in focus is VERY sharp. But the focal depth is almost the size of the stigmas that caught these pollen. This is an Anemone size 2 cm.
    Regarding the RSS feed: ? – I’ll see if I have any possibility tuning on that….

  3. Very interesting this macro picture. When I see this (and other blogger-macro-shots I realize, that a macro-lens must be added to my DSLR – when I once get this… – macro is really a key to another world…

    1. Yes Truels. A macro lens lets you peek into the world of details. But I think it is difficult. I’m still learning.
      What camera do you have? It is capable of taking very good images…

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