14 tanker om “Rainy day, Dream away”

  1. This is a really cool capture! On the left of that shot, are some of those pieces tiny bits of hail?

    By the way, I like your new header. Did you change blog formats too?

    1. Thanks Karen. No, there were no hail left when I got to the camera. The
      shower started with hail but ended with large raindrops.
      I tried to change the theme, just to see how it works. But it changed too much, so I couldn’t go back.
      The header is cropped from an image I shot in Venice a couple of years ago.
      Prepare yourself for some work when you change theme!

  2. I love this photo. Every time I looked at it my mind wandered off into memories of summer rain, and I splashed away without leaving a comment. You’ve captured something elemental. I wonder what this image would mean to someone who lives in a desert? Now I believe I have to go see if there is someone blogging from the arid regions of the globe, whose images will confound me!

  3. I’m glad you like it Gerry.
    It has been a cold year in Denmark until recently. This was hopefully the turning point. The last days were fine for people who likes the sun. I have always liked summer rain – as long as it is not cold. As child I had severe pollen allergy. It was much better when it rained, so maybe that is the reason.
    You can find bloggers from all corners of the world I think.

  4. This is a nice picture indeed, I can almost feel and hear the rain falling, when I look at it. And the composition with those lovely summer-colours in the blurry background is great.

    1. We have these yellow poppys many places in our garden. I prefer not to remove them because I like the short time with all these orange-yellow flowers. -Sometimes I eat the seeds – they taste delicious.

  5. Halløj
    Åh jeg kun godt lige bruge en lille regnskylle (har 32 grader på kontoret)
    Du har da rigtig fundet det rette element: VAND!
    Herlige billeder. Hvor må det have været fedt i NY!

    1. Velkommen tilbage pÃ¥ job Hanne 🙂
      Ja, det var dejligt i NY.
      Vi glæder os stadig over det. Og over vores ‘børn’s glæde.
      En rigtig god oplevelse.

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