18 tanker om “Autumn?”

  1. A LOT more snow than here ! How lovely ! Will Autumn survive ? Beautiful and peaceful view, Carsten. Wish you a pleasant quiet Sunday.

    1. The Autumn is gone for good. Sorry Isabelle.
      But: There below the snow a transformation is under development. Funghi breaks down the brown leaves so they can break through the snow as small yellow heads with green collars: Erantis.

  2. You are also buried in snow 😉 – I do not remember that much snow ever here in Denmark in November – do you?

    1. November is usually a wet and dark month. – December too. This year is absolutely different. I remember very light snowfall in the end of October, but nothing that managed to cover the ground for days. This is absolutely different. I don’t think it has been like this in my time.
      Now it is here – so why not enjoy the light? Winter suddenly changed from black to white. I prefer that.
      Yellow isn’t an option is it?

    1. Welcome here – Richard?
      That’ an interesting show you’ve got. It takes time, so I’ll be back later.
      And yes, we have lots of snow. Now it is so freezing that it has got that special sound when you walk in it…

    1. If it comes to you, I hope you like it. –‘Cause there is nothing to do about it!
      Thats right. The camera in the phone is not for high quality photos. But it was the closest camera at that moment.

    1. I’d like to say: “That was all for this winter!”
      -But there is this feeling inside telling another version..

  3. When Mama Nature dumps that much on us all at once all I can think is WHOMP! And then, let’s go out and play in it! That looks like nice, fluffy snow, perfect for tobogganing. We haven’t had anything like that yet, but our day will come. Keep snug.

    1. I didn’t think “WHOMP!”
      Probably because I’m a slow thinker. In fact the snow fell slow. One tiny flake upon the other. I whish we had the girls here, playing in the snow. Well, they will be here. We have some very good hills for tobogganing. (New word, thanks Gerry)

    1. Yes, and silent. But now it is cold. It took a few days before the cold creeped into the cellar where I usually sit and do my photo and blogging stuff.

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