Wall climbing

Inspired by Gerrys “Inchies indeed“!
This fellow was climbing the wall, reaching for a window on the 2nd floor.
I think I have seen it before, but I don’t know if it was a picture of this painting, which I saw in Saxogade, few minutes walk from Copenhagen center.

It is very small. I’d prefer it 7 x 7 square centimeters. You could try clicking on the image…

6 tanker om “Wall climbing”

  1. Hvor er det cool, der gik lang tid før jeg gennemskuede hvad det var jeg kiggede pÃ¥. Gad vide om maleriet giver anledning til færselsuheld i omrÃ¥det….?

    1. I think it is more or less invisible if you are driving along the road. But I came walking from across and saw him climbing high above the street.
      Yes he is cool, Asbjørn.
      What about a post from ‘Down under’ after the typhoon?

  2. Now that’s an inch that makes you think!

    I have enough trouble getting everything into my 12MB sized camera sensor and now I have to go down to an inch square with it? Well, no wonder, Gerry is behind this. LOL

    1. Think squared!
      Maybe the reason for all our camera-pixels is that we can make a lot of inchies in one shot?
      Gerry is a constant source of odd ideas. (Wonder if I’m expressing this correct?)

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