14 tanker om “The dessert of life”

    1. Compared to my age three months is just around .4% 🙂
      I’m having a very goodtime when in Fridas company. -But when she is here the rest of the world halts and nothing gets done.

  1. Beautiful little Frida ! What an irresistible smile 🙂 I understand why you had this intermission. A pretty one too. Happy to see you back, Carsten, and with such a gorgeous portrait.

  2. Welcome back here – I have missed your photos!!! I hope you have had time to enjoy the summer, the life and Frida in the last 3 months?……

    1. Thanks for your comment Truels. The summer have been ok – but for the rain yesterday. We got in the range of 75 mm – or 3 inches – in a couple of hours.
      In Copenhagen they got 150!

  3. Carsten, you most certainly have your priorities in order! Gobble up as much of that cute little Frida as you possibly can! 🙂

    1. Im trying to do my best Tracy 🙂
      Her parents are feeling safe letting us taking care of her.
      -Just had her for 4 days. And she is smiling from early morning until bedtime.

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