14 tanker om “The dessert of life”

    1. Compared to my age three months is just around .4% 🙂
      I’m having a very goodtime when in Fridas company. -But when she is here the rest of the world halts and nothing gets done.

  1. Beautiful little Frida ! What an irresistible smile 🙂 I understand why you had this intermission. A pretty one too. Happy to see you back, Carsten, and with such a gorgeous portrait.

  2. Welcome back here – I have missed your photos!!! I hope you have had time to enjoy the summer, the life and Frida in the last 3 months?……

    1. Thanks for your comment Truels. The summer have been ok – but for the rain yesterday. We got in the range of 75 mm – or 3 inches – in a couple of hours.
      In Copenhagen they got 150!

    1. Im trying to do my best Tracy 🙂
      Her parents are feeling safe letting us taking care of her.
      -Just had her for 4 days. And she is smiling from early morning until bedtime.

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