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This sculpture is all the characters from a typewriter, which was one of Dan Turéll’s (1946-1993) many tools. The sculpture on “Dan Turélls Plads” was officially unveiled this week. Around it there is a bench for l o o o o o o n g talks.

Sorry, once I got a good advice from Scott: Try to show the scale!

5 tanker om “Letters”

  1. Dear Carsten
    Funny letters you got there! & your photo has been turned into a graphic Picture.
    Nice work!!! I want to see the sculpture myself – can’t really measure its size in my head.
    Maybe Käthe will take a ride with me on bikes one day?
    Have a lovely day, Carsten – and thanks
    Greetings from me

    1. You’d better go there and see for yourself.
      Until then you can imagine the size from the kids in the sculpture. -You do know the average size of kids??
      Thanks Michael.

  2. …the question is THE QUESTION ? ?
    The only letter at your photo in the right color – or what??

  3. This is a nice sculpture. And a well-deserved memory of great Danish artist and personality. Great post, Carsten!

    1. I’m glad you like it Truels. I think the sculpture is worth visiting. So if you come to Vangede some day, you should see it for yourself.

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