2011 12 13

All Danish children knows about the fact, that Santa Claus (Julemanden) lives in Greenland. The main public Danish television channel DR1 is transmitting a series in 24 chapters these days about a team ( the nisse gang ) searching for Julemanden in Greenland. Maybe you can spot him here. My eyes are not that good.
A little search with Google Earth indicates that this glacier is located 63°49″N, 41°40″W.

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  1. I thought I saw him, but it turned out to be a it of fluff on my screen.

    The kids in Canada, think he lives at the North Pole. In Canada our postal codes are formulated on a letter-number-letter number-letter-number system. For instance my postal code is, B3G 1N2. Kids can send mail to Santa in care of our Postal System. His postal code ? H0H 0H0 (ho, ho, ho).

    1. Ho -ho.
      When our children was children, they could write and send their Christmas wishes to ‘Julemanden, Greenland’
      Then they received a letter from him with some kind of toy. For example a model of his toy workshop. It vas in light cardboard, and they had to cut, fold and glue it together to reach the final result. A very good idea.

  2. I’m afraid that the glacier will soon be melted due to global warming. Then the “nisser” will be easier to see down there …

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