2011 12 18

Yesterday was the day for the J.S.Bach concert. On my way I crossed Kgs.Nytorv. A handful of young Nisse girls happend to be there at the same time.

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  1. Wonderful concert!
    And it was nice to meet you – again – on this occasion. I wish you and your family a happy Christmas!

  2. Well, well… there was some sort of mystery in your comment, Carsten, to Truels’ recent posting. Of course I had to follow the link 😉 There are indeed all styles of Nisse ! I so love the three Nisse friends in the last picture ! I am happy your concert and reunion were wonderful.

    1. So you found it mysterious Isabelle?
      Well, for obvious reasons I can’t see the mystery.
      This time I knew that we would be there so we had a good chance meeting each other. But only for a short time and a couple of quick photos with kind assistance from Birgittes husband. After all, the concert was the primary reason for being there.

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