Motion in the sun

Scott Thomas’ 20th assignment on motion photography is a real challenge.
Maybe this is not exactly what Scott meant, but it is frozen motion in motion.

However I do have another shot. I’ll not try to convince anyone that it was shot yesterday:

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    1. Thanks Tracy.
      I can add some supplemental information. It’s my son – Fridas father – playing table tennis under the hot Tuscan sun. He’s always playing to win.

  1. Neat idea, Carsten! The table tennis shots are absolutely full of motion. That streaky rider in the snow is cool – how did you take that shot? Did you move the camera?

    1. 😄
      I used a tripod. The image is a merge of two shots of the same active biker. When he was close, his contour disappeared due to the long exposure.

  2. I like your Motion-series of your son playing table tennis in the sun. His motion shows concentration and winning attitude….

    1. Thanks Truels.
      I watched Michael Maze in the Olympic Games yesterday. What an amazing speed and will. It is interesting that such a distinctive feature of a person is reflected in the appearance.

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