Vacation is the theme for Scott Thomas’ latest assignment.
It is difficult to illustrate the relaxing effect of vacations. For me personally, I’m happy with walking around and watching new places. In mid October we were in Berlin. Here is a small fraction of the snapshots from that vacation. Let the images and their captions speak for themselves.
You can ask for details.

Our autumn colored  apartment in Kreuzberg
Our autumn colored apartment in Kreuzberg

Læs mere Vacation

Summertime.. the title on Scott Thomas’ 26 assignment. Feel free to participate.

r-baadfartenSummer in Denmark can be very nice. But you’ll have to arrange for good weather.
When the temperature rises above 25C and the sun is shining all day, a tour on the lakes North-West of Copenhagen is very nice. Why not try one of the old boats. The oldest have been in service since 1895.

A ’round-trip’ takes about 1 hour. Its very relaxing. You can arrange your picnic and have a stop or two.

Click on the map to see a larger version.

Or click this link to download the time-table.

The boat is arriving:

For example you could arrange celebration of a birthday with the family:

And if you feel for it, take a trip another day:
IMG_0401 copy

My Passion(s) in photography

This post is my contribution to Scott Thomas’ 25th assignment: “Your Photography Passion”

What is a passion? And if I have a passion, then what is it? – – – Scott has set up the until now most challenging assignment.

Concidering what to post here has made me realize how time and events has changed my points of view – and with that, my passions.

Therefore, picking a ‘passion’ is choosing a point in time. I’ll present some pictures, each linked to a time and what my mind and/or heart was full of.
Let me start this day 10 years ago. My children at work. They are both with Bruun-Rasmussen, a well-known (in Denmark?) auction house. How could I write about passion without presenting my children. I have been taking pictures of them since they were born.


Shooting pictures on vacations. Have you ever visited Greece? Maybe this picture can give an idea about the mood:
Poros spring 2004
Poros spring 2004

Taking pictures of interesting objects. These are spiders just leaving their eggs where they have been safe kept in silk through the winter.
Travelling and eating good local food. Greece again, now on the Samos island .
2005-05-18 Greec Salad
2005-05-18 Greec Salad

Who haven’t had to take pictures of flowers? I took a lot – and then realized that I’d never ever be able to reach the level as Cindy Dyer. (I had to mention her and her faboulous pictures)
2007-05-20 Dandelion
2007-05-20 Dandelion

Maybe there is something starting here. This is from Venice – they do not note that I’m taking pictures.
2008-05-22 Portrait Venice
2008-05-22 Portrait Venice

A view from the ‘U-bahn’ in Berlin.
2009-5-23 Burger King
2009-5-23 Burger King

Another year has gone. She doesn’t take note of me either.
2010-05-22 Svanemøllen St.
2010-05-22 Svanemøllen St.

September 2010 a new passion arrived:
2011-04-02 Frida
2011-04-02 Frida

And when you’re able to take a picture like this…. It was a very special moment.
2012-10-01 Dicte
2012-10-01 Dicte

I’ve tried to stick to pictures shot 22nd of May – but you’ll understand that I had to include the pictures of the grandchildren even that they were taken in the autumn.

Maybe Scott discovered my passion in photography before I did myself. I think the last picture has something that comes close to what I’m seeking. Thanks for a really challenging assignment Scott.
(Click on the image for a larger version)
Reviewing the past ten years of my photography leads me to the conclusion, that my passions are my grandchildren, old friends, and street photography.
– And whatever catches my eye 🙂


…Or B&W.
Scott has set up his 24th assignment.
Most of us are using digital cameras today – I think, and therefore nearly all photos are shot in color.
But try and have a look with your ‘luminance’ eyes, and see if the colors really makes the photo better.
The images I print are roughly 50-50 color or B&W.
These pictures were made in B&W because the colors didn’t add to the experience.
First a picture from a place that’s very ‘hot’ these days. The columns around sct.Peters Church in the Vactican State.

Playing in the streets for a coin or two. I gave a few for the posing.


Two friends having a good time together in Rome.


One of my favourites, which some of you might have seen before. This is Black and White.


My winter

Scott Thomas has given us his 23rd assignment: Winter.
I’ll write very short about my winter. Acording to the calendar, it covers December, January and February. I think it starts in the beginning of November when I have to leave home early in the morning, long before sunrise, and ends in the middle of March. These dark, cold and wet months is what we call winter. Personally I’m not very fond of it!
After the dark n wet start we usually get frost and snow. Not that I like snow – is has to be removed from the pathways. But the snow gives LIGHT. Bright light in the daytime and enough light at night for seeing outside.
Let me show you a couple of images from my local area:



And if the light isn’t enough to cheer me up, there’s the grandchildren. Fortunately I just have a picture so that you can see the two youngest members of the family:

Sommeren er forbi nu | End of summer

This 21th assignment from Scott is the end of an all too short summer.
We have had a summer with weather covering most of the spectrum. Heavy storms and freezing temperatures excluded.
I’m not dissapointed.
But it’s not weather for Frida playing in the garden. Neither for bathing in the sea. (Click on the image for a larger version)