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    1. Tak skal du ha’ Bent.
      Det er et snapshot med mobiltelefonen. Jeg er spændt på at få fremkaldt de ‘rigtige’ billeder fra turen.
      Stilheden larmede i stedet.

  1. That photo beckons. If I could only make up my mind to use an airport ever again in life I would fly to Edinburgh and take the train to Langholm and walk and walk and walk. Then I might get on another train and go north. I will consider it a double family history tour. My Scottish ancestors meet my Swedish ancestors once again.

    1. It’s just what an image can – besides looking more or less nicely: Strengthen your imagination and memory and bring forth memories of bygone times.
      So you also have roots in the Scottish? There is also a very long distance between the settlements in the Highlands, so many must have emigrated in the hard times.
      If / when you decide to go, I wish you a good and enjoyable trip.

  2. Your pictures of Scotland bring back good memories. I stayed in Scotland as an au-pair girl…some years ago;) In Pitlochry, a pretty little town. My English was poor, my work as an au-pair very challenging but I loved to learn sailing, fishing, traveling and the people were absolutely charming and patient with me. A wonderful experience.
    So, thank you Carsten for the good memories you bring back.

  3. I’m glad to help recall memories. Especially when they are good. I’m also pleased to see you back here.
    I also got a good impression of Scotland. Both the breathtaking scenery and the friendly people.
    Even though it was only a short vacation trip.

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