I love a good cup of coffee.
My favorite is “Blue mountain”, served as espresso. In Tasse d’Oro” near Pantheon in Rome they know how to make it. A taste that’s impossible to describe. You’ll HAVE to try it if your way falls in the neighborhood.
Making it yourself on one of these doesn’t even come close. But they are colorful, aren’t they?

Espresso brewers. Pick your favorite color.
Espresso brewers. Pick your favorite color.


Efterår igen | Autumn again

En gentagelse fra 2008. Dette er det ABSOLUT mest besøgte billede pÃ¥ min blog. Jeg er altid glad for kommentarer, især vil jeg godt vide hvorfor der er flere besøg pÃ¥ dette, end der er pÃ¥ alle de andre tilsammen. Nogen af jer ved hvorfor. Lad mig det vide ogsÃ¥…

Here is a reprise from 2008. This is by far the most visited image on my blog. I’m always happy with the comments I get. In this case I’d like to know why this image has more visits than all the others together. Some of you know – please let me too.