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  1. LOL Thank you!
    I was in Copenhagen at the end of January 1987 (actually got married in Roskilde, and took a day trip to Copenhagen) and the park was closed, so we never got to go in. I still remember seeing it, and some kind of wax museum? We were going to look for the mermaid statue, but changed our minds because it was SO COLD!!
    Love the night shot!

  2. :Ø)
    So you know Tivoli is closed this time of the year.
    You’re right – it can be very cold here. And grey and wet and windy. We keep in house and wait for spring.
    The little mermaid is so tiny that we can not understand why all the tourists want to see it. Like the small boy in Brussels.
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Thanks for all the comments.
    Usually (when I was younger) Tivoli was only open in the summertime. Now they open the garden at Haloween and Christmas. This was the first time we vent there for Haloween.
    I think I’ll post another picture from that event.

  4. I’m so glad you found my blog so that I could see yours. My husband and I visited Tivoli Gardens on our last trip to Europe. We loved it. The ice cream especially made an impression on us. It was light and airy and just sweet enough. Yum! Your images are well done. Thanks for bringing back fond memories.

    1. Your comment makes me glad I posted the images. Thank you Karen.
      Let me suggest you include your adress to your blog – Your ‘URL’ – when you send a comment. That way you get more visitors.
      Or you can easily include it in future comments if you enter it in your personal profile.
      Anyway, you are welcome here.

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