Eclipse 2017

Imagine the light from the sun slowly dissapearing. The temperature changing from day to night. All structures visible with an impressionists sharpness.
That is what happens when you experience when 80% or more of the sun is hidden behind the moon.
When the sun is completely hidden you’ll be struck by the most incredible experience….

Cool Corona

My winter

Scott Thomas has given us his 23rd assignment: Winter.
I’ll write very short about my winter. Acording to the calendar, it covers December, January and February. I think it starts in the beginning of November when I have to leave home early in the morning, long before sunrise, and ends in the middle of March. These dark, cold and wet months is what we call winter. Personally I’m not very fond of it!
After the dark n wet start we usually get frost and snow. Not that I like snow – is has to be removed from the pathways. But the snow gives LIGHT. Bright light in the daytime and enough light at night for seeing outside.
Let me show you a couple of images from my local area:



And if the light isn’t enough to cheer me up, there’s the grandchildren. Fortunately I just have a picture so that you can see the two youngest members of the family: