Lyngby Kirke | Lyngby Church

Interiør fra kirken i Kgs. Lyngby. Klik for større billede.

The interior of the Mideval church in Kongens Lyngby. More details to follow. In the meantime, click on the image and look at the beautiful old frescos on the walls. They are from the late 1400’s.

Læs mere Lyngby Kirke | Lyngby Church

Det havde jeg aldrig forestillet mig | I’d never imagine this

I’m very greatful my friend Alexander drew my attention to this. I have been very fond of Disney since childhood. In fact, I learned reading by myself when my father read comics for us two boys. Salvador Dali became one of my favourites later.

It would be interesting to know what you think of this.

December XV

Snow today! When it is cold these mobile street-restaurants attracts people. They sell warm sausages and soft bread with mustard and ketchup.
This image is from the beginning of November. Before the general election for the local communities. That is the reason for the posters with politicians.

Sne i dag! SÃ¥ synes jeg at det var pÃ¥ plads med en pølsevogn….



December II

Dette er strømpen som først jeg, derefter vores børn, skyndte os op for at tømme hver morgen i december. Hvad mon julemanden havde puttet i den i nattens løb?
Jeg husker tydeligt, at min mor sad og broderede motivet.
Nu tjener den som holder for de julekort, vi modtager.

This is the stocking I, and later our children Jesper and Line, rushed out of bed for every morning in December. What had Santa put into it during the night?
I remember clearly my mother when she made it. But not precisely when.
Now it is used for our Christmas cards.


Tillykke | Congratulations

I dag er det 20 år siden muren faldt! -Mere tekst på engelsk.

Earlier this year Bundesrepublik Deutchland could celebrate its 60 years aniversary.
Today we can all celebrate the break of the iron curtain 20 years ago. A wall between two worlds – and one people. The wall is gone. Only few remaining elements are left. This one in the Potsdamer Platz area.
There have been no wars between nations for some time. Let’s hope that all the wars between ideologies will decrease soon. …Although it seems af they are increasing in number and intensity.
Back to celebrations. Its A’s birthday today. Congratulations.
My hope for a good day and a bright future.