PÃ¥ vej til arbejde | On my way to job

I morges kom der endelig lidt sne. Det er dejligt lyst.

This morning we finally got a little snow. The light is good for the soul.


7 tanker om “PÃ¥ vej til arbejde | On my way to job”

  1. Don’t you love the pristine beauty of a fresh snowfall? It covers everything ugly and transforms it. We all need a little snow in our lives.

  2. This is really beautiful and inviting, I’m so jealous! I have been wishing for snow all winter and so far all we have had is ice.

  3. Karen and Amber, thanks for your comments. I like the light snowfall so much. As long as I dont have to move it around with a showel. The snow we got yesterday morning was gone before evening….

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