4 tanker om “Rust 3”

  1. Hi Carsten,
    Amazing photo! Rust is truly an amazing subject for photography.
    Thanks for the compliments. You have some brilliant photos in here, I’ll be back soon to check them out. Nice to meet you by the way!

  2. Thank you Nivin,
    This one was found on the beach. The tractor is used for pulling the fishing boats up on the shore. The salt sea water is hard to the iron.
    Its always nice to meet new people – even in strange places :ø)

  3. …it looks like mushrooms, someway!
    Fine fine photos – all of them!!
    Greetings to your wife, Carsten

  4. Thanks Michael.
    Dont try to bite in these mushrooms!
    I’ll do that. Give Käthe a hug from me. You’ll get it back later :ø)

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