7 tanker om “Valmuer | Poppies”

  1. Thanks Laurie. Most of the ‘weed’ poppies here in Denmark have a touch of orange or a lighter red tone. But these…

  2. Aren’t poppies gorgeous–seems they were made especially for photographers. And the best part is, no photoshop. Thay are what they are!
    Thanks for visiting my new website and your kind comments.

  3. Thanks Bo. You’re right – they are what they are, and for a short time only.
    I wish you a lot of friendly visitors.

  4. Beautiful poppies ! they are my favourites, delicate, luminous and all the more precious because so ephemeral. Gorgeous photo.

  5. Thanks Isabelle
    I’m glad you remind me of this image. We had a wonderful vacation on Samos, with a trip to Ephesus in Turkey.

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