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This is a view of my backyard – just after the rain. If you like green, this is the place to be. The air is clean when the rain has washed out all the pollen and dust, leaving only the wonderful smell of the beech wood and the fresh cut grass.
The ‘thing’ on the lawn is a fireplace. When the weather allows it we light a fire there and sit around it playing a guitar. Or talking about anything or nothing. Or relaxing with a cold beer – watching the bats hunting insects.

Her er lige et billede af min baghave. Umiddelbart efter en regnbyge. Kan du lide grønt, så er det her! Luften er så ren, når regnen har vasket pollen og støv ud. Tilbage er kun duften af bøgetræer og nyslået græs.


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  1. What a nice pic from your backyard (oh, yes – we know that place…)
    You have used your special lens again, Carsten?
    Thank you – and we are comming in that garden to night.

  2. Thanks Laurie. We moved here 7 years ago. And we are VERY glad we did it. Even though our children were not particularly happy when we sold the home the grew up in.
    Now they love it here too.

  3. Thanks for your comments Dana & Robert. There is a lot of birdssong here. -Still. The activity use to decrease after midsummer.

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