Som fløjl | Like velvet

Hvad er dette? Prøv at gæt en gang, så får du svaret senere. Indlægget er inspireret af

What is this? Write your suggestion. -I’ll show the answer later. This post is inspired by:


14 tanker om “Som fløjl | Like velvet”

  1. What a shot. I’m not sure whether I should pet it or roll in it. Could even pass as something under the microscope?! Got to love the mystery this challenge has given!

  2. Thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate them. And I’m glad to have a lot of new blogs to browse. Tomorrow you can see what it is…

  3. It looks like maybe the fur of a shr-pei. I love the black and white – reallly emphasizes the testure without distracting color.

  4. Ah..I can never guess, but whatever it is, it’s a great post for this week’s theme and great shot too. Welcome to SS Carsten.

  5. Very intriguing shot. I already saw your next post, so too late to do some guesswork for me. Great that you are joining the sundaystills challenge. Welcome!

  6. WOW – This post caught a lot of comments. Thanks to all of you. And thanks for all the welcome greetings. -I’ll keep an eye on the SS-blog.
    As written elsewhere and guessed by several of you: This is mold. I helped cleaning where beer was left in a ‘drip – tray’? It was covered with this soft carpet of gray – blue mold. I had to to take a photo… And strange enough I saw the texture challenge when I opened the pc for transferring the image.
    I hope to participate in SS in the future. I’ll visit your blogs.

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