Skyer over Bayern | The clouds in Bavaria

Der er smukt i Bayern. Billederne er taget omkring Kochelsee og Walchensee, pÃ¥ den nordlige grænse af Foralperne. Ugens input til ‘Sunday Stills’
The landscape in Bavaria is beautiful. The images are from the area with the lakes Kochelsee and Walchensee at the northern edge of the Alps.
The weather was fine – spiced up with a couple of short dramatic thunderstorms with hail sized as hazelnuts.
My input to this weeks
‘Sunday Stills’




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  1. Great shot but like Wildblack said the challenge is for next Sunday..:-)
    Yesterday was the Elements, Welcome to Sunday Stills

  2. Thanks WildBlack and Ed.
    Imagine! This is one of the rare moments where I’m ahead of schedule 🙂
    I was eager to post my images since I missed the previous challenges during our vacation.
    I think it is best to leave it as it is so I don’t mess up too much.

  3. Very nice shots. One of my favorite places in the world – that I have actually visited. Bavaria and the Alps are just great in the summer time. Never did a winter trip there.

  4. Love your shots of Bavaria. I had the pleasure of living in Germany for 5 years (courtesy of the US Army) and enjoyed every moment of my time there!

  5. I love the way the slate grey sky is echoed in the headstones in the last shot. The third photo looks like it could have been taken in the valley where I live in southern British Columbia.

  6. Wonderful shots, Carsten! The cemetery is very interesting, as is the architecture with clouds in the first shot.
    Texas, USA

  7. Thanks to all of you for the comments.
    A little more about the origin of the pistures:
    The first is shot out of the window in Hotel Klosterbräu in Schledorf.
    The second is from the nearby lake, Walchensee. -A very beautiful area. You have to pay €3 to drive along the lake where the scenery is best.
    The third is a wiew from Schledorf against south, where the flat country ends and alps begins.
    The last is the church in Schledorf – the tower hidden behind the unusual round building structure.

    It makes me happy to recieve all the friendly comments. I have visited your blogs. There is so much interisting stuff there. I’m writing comments where I can, but some blogs don’t accept comments in ‘my way’.

  8. i take it you live here! what a beautiful place and your photos are spectacular! i love cemeteries and this one appears particularly interesting. nice blog you have here!

    1. Hi Dana. Thanks for your comment.
      Perhaps I will dissapoint you, but I don’t live in Bavaria.
      My home is in Denmark. A small green spot at the northern edge of the European continent.
      And I like cemeteries too. Perhaps I can find some photos from a holidy in Venice. We stayed a week on their cemetery island, Sct. Michele. -Some people thought it was scary. I thought it was peaceful.

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