Eclipse 2017

Imagine the light from the sun slowly dissapearing. The temperature changing from day to night. All structures visible with an impressionists sharpness.
That is what happens when you experience when 80% or more of the sun is hidden behind the moon.
When the sun is completely hidden you’ll be struck by the most incredible experience….

Cool Corona

Sommeren er forbi nu | End of summer

This 21th assignment from Scott is the end of an all too short summer.
We have had a summer with weather covering most of the spectrum. Heavy storms and freezing temperatures excluded.
I’m not dissapointed.
But it’s not weather for Frida playing in the garden. Neither for bathing in the sea. (Click on the image for a larger version)

Tourist in Copenhagen

The Palace “Amalienborg” has been the residence of the Royal family for many years. The Palace consists of four more or less identical buildings. This part is named “Frederik VIII’s Palace” It has been refurbished during the past 6 years, and will soon be ready to host the coming King “Frederik X”. -That is when he take over from his mother “Queen Margrethe II”.

Skyer over Bayern | The clouds in Bavaria

Der er smukt i Bayern. Billederne er taget omkring Kochelsee og Walchensee, pÃ¥ den nordlige grænse af Foralperne. Ugens input til ‘Sunday Stills’
The landscape in Bavaria is beautiful. The images are from the area with the lakes Kochelsee and Walchensee at the northern edge of the Alps.
The weather was fine – spiced up with a couple of short dramatic thunderstorms with hail sized as hazelnuts.
My input to this weeks
‘Sunday Stills’
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