6 tanker om “Atrium sinistrum”

  1. Thanks Burstmode,
    This blog template makes people write comments on the previous post relatively often. Perhaps I should look for another template.
    Your comment made me look ‘sinister’ up. I didn’t know that word. But anyway, it fits my post well. I only knew the latin expression for the left heart chamber..

  2. Hallo, Carsten – you must know Zappa’s ‘Sinister footwear II’ from the cd: ‘Them or Us’? Or what ?
    By the way… I appreciate your ‘collage-photo’ here!!
    We could maybe use this piece of ART as cover-pic on our comming TUNDRA-CD ?
    With your permission…
    Thank you, Carsten!

    Diddle, diddle from Michael

    1. Hi Michael,
      How could I forget! -In fact I stopped reading titles when they stopped printing music on these round black discs.
      If you need artwork for a cd-cover i’d be glad to contribute.

  3. Carsten! How did you do that? HDR? What a great photo. I can’t stop looking at it. Tell me more.

  4. Hi Karen.
    I have been playing with this effect in Photo Shop.
    The very short explanation is: Take two or more images. Put them in a stack (align them more or less acurate). This is the standard deviation – inverted and level adjusted.
    I don’t think the processing is intended for misaligned images, but the effect is interesting.
    I’ll post another image where the used images are aligned almost as good as possible. (Walking in the park II)
    Thanks for asking.

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