12 tanker om “Kildebakkerne | The roller-coaster road”

  1. Thanks Robert.
    I drive this road several times every week – in all seasons.
    This is my first shot of it. -More to come??

  2. I’m curious–what happened in building this road that it wasn’t leveled? My children would have loved traveling it, because their tummies would have jumped a little with each bump. It is nicely rendered in black and white.

    1. This is a very old road. It was not built for these days traffic. Originally it was used when the farm animals was sent from the small village ‘Hareskovby’ to grass on the open land outside the wood. Earlier the pigs was sent to the wood where they could eat what they could find. But in the late 1700’s the wood was suffering because the cattle and pigs were destroying too much. The wood was protected by stone fences built in the 1780’s. The fences are still there.
      It is interesting that there has always been wood on these areas. It was never used for farming.
      You are right Karen. The children love driving on this road. (As I do :-)) Thanks for your comment.

      For those of you who have the possibility to drive by I can tell you that the direction from Værløse to Hareskovby gives the best roller-coaster feeling.

  3. First I thought “Is that real ??” And now after reading your interesting comment I am amazed and very admirative of your shot. What a fabulous sight !

  4. Thanks for your comment Isabelle.

    Perhaps it’s interesting to know that the timber from the woods were needed to maintain the danish fleet. In fact the fleet was partly burned – partly captured by the british under Lord Nelson in 1801. Shortly after that, in 1814, Denmark lost Norway and the kingdom was reduced to almost the size of today. Except for the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein, which were lost to Prussia / Austria in 1864.

    Sorry for the history lessons :ø)

  5. Carsten, thank you for the history lesson. From now on I will recall the history each time I ride the road. You should try it on a mc – I’ll give you a ride if you’d like…

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