10 tanker om “Sne i dag | Snow today”

  1. Mange tak Marianne. Det er rart at få ros fra en ekspert. Jeg går ud fra, at vejret er bedre i Californien?

  2. Thanks Isabelle. It’s beautiful in the wood, where we don’t have to move it.
    Denmark is flat without mountains. The highest natural points are less than 171 m.

  3. Got our first snow here in some parts of upstate New York this morning. Not a lot but it covered the ground. Will be gone tomorrow as temps go back up into the 50’s F.

    Another shot of a road going off into the woods. Ever get any horse drawn slays on this one?

  4. Lots of horses here Scott – but no slays. Now you mention it, i come to think that I’ve never seen horse drawn slays in ‘our’ part of the woods.

  5. Marvelous capture. I love the way the edges of the trees are outlined by a lack of snow. The tracks on the path make me want to follow.

  6. Beautiful. You got out there pretty early to capture those trees just barely covered with snow! And it paid off. This is the perfect picture of those snowy mornings you love waking to.

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