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I dag er det 20 år siden muren faldt! -Mere tekst på engelsk.

Earlier this year Bundesrepublik Deutchland could celebrate its 60 years aniversary.
Today we can all celebrate the break of the iron curtain 20 years ago. A wall between two worlds – and one people. The wall is gone. Only few remaining elements are left. This one in the Potsdamer Platz area.
There have been no wars between nations for some time. Let’s hope that all the wars between ideologies will decrease soon. …Although it seems af they are increasing in number and intensity.
Back to celebrations. Its A’s birthday today. Congratulations.
My hope for a good day and a bright future.



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  1. The emotion of seeing the Brandenburger Tor alive with people, walking both ways, in and out… There was a time where I lived and worked not far from this scar, The Wall. Soldiers only were allowed to stand in front of it. Times do change really and these images are un encouragement for the future even though wars are raging in too many places. Thanks Carsten to remind us of this D-Day. And let’s stay positive ! Congratulations.
    Thanks for your help with blogging.

  2. Thanks for your little story Isabelle.
    I have just watched the celebration in Berlin on television. It certainly is a special day.
    I wonder when the symbolic wall will fall…… ____//||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    I see you finally got the links to work. Thats good.

  3. Yes Congrats for all that! I know I was a world away (and still a child) 20 years ago, but the news footage of the wall coming down still is very clear in my head. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to A!

  4. Thanks Wiebke. I think of this as a historical event common to most people in Europe. It was very important in ending the cold war.

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